‘Facing’ Business Relationships

Facebook is a supreme tool for making business connections and building business relationships.  Having relationships in business is important – bigtime.  “Without strong relationships, it is impossible to have success as a business owner,” posted Darren Dahl when quoting an established and respected consultant.  When these relationships exist, it is just as important to properly maintain them as it is to have them in the first place.  That is, the business on the other end of the relationship cant be treated like the old pal you only contact when you want help moving.  This is where Facebook can help.  It is a great way to not only keep in contact with business relatives but it can be a good way to mention or promote their business as a way of acknowledging them.  Jason Seiler, an illustrator who works with a Facebook page mentions and promotes big clients on the page when a job is complete.  He speaks highly of them and recommends their services to his followers over the web page.  This kind of ‘word-of-mouth’ promotion is a valuable to any organisation and it doesnt go unappreciated.  Facebook is a great tool for building on business relationships.

Feel free to share links to cases aligned with these.


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