Recurring Theme

A main theme can be seen here, running through the prior posts, and in blogging in general.  This theme is the fact that blogging and social media creates a strong sense of awareness.  Social happenings can be picked up across the world.  This awareness can create heightened expectations, and on a mass scale can be very powerful.  This theme is evident in the Arab spring.  The Arab spring was a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests in the Arab world that began in 2010.

The Arab spring can be viewed as a social media revolution.  Social media in this situation carried messages of freedom and democracy throught the Arab world, and caused revault among Arab people and their leaders and helped raised expectations to the level of political upheaval.  People who were isolated from such activism were, through social media, able to access the heat, establish common ground, and organise protests.

It has been noted that the twitter users tweeting about political change in the week before Hosni Mubaracks resignation increased by up to 10.  Facebook users created groups in opposition to rulers and bloggers were commentating the situation around the clock.  “The success of demands for political change in Egypt and Tunisia led individuals in other countries to pick up the conversation. It helped create discussion across the region.”

This shows how powerful social media and blogging can be.  To alter a number of full countries all because of this interactive network is a sure indicator of the power behind social media.

One of the many arab spring videos online:


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