Book of Face

Everybody knows Facebook is enormous.  In 2010, over 40% of the whole of the United States had an Facebook account.  As of last month, Facebook could boast 845 million active users… that is absurd exposure.  That is why virtually all social media savvy businesses will be operating a Facebook page currently.  Exposing your business and brand to those kinds of numbers is simply a no-brainer.

There are more perks to this networking hub than just exposure.  Facebook is a great tool for facilitating communications.  Niall Cook describes a perfect case of this in his book Enterprise 2.0.  He talks of Serena software, a large firm covering 18 countries and alot its employees working virtually.  Because of this thick online presence, Serena Software utilised Facebook in creating a private group for just its employees rather than coughing up time and money needed in creating a similar network within its own intranet.  Team members were able to be better connected, share a more parallel understanding, and spread morale and excitement, all within a private and confidential group inside Facebook.  One reason this kind of thing works so well is that many of the staff are already acquainted with Facebook and can apply their existing social habits to supplement their professional habits.  This proves the utilisation of social media is a weapon for facilitating communications.


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