Geolocational Social Media

Geolocation or geosocial networking is the use of real-world geographic locationing in the social media realm.  Commonly utilising mobile phone GPS and similar technology, it provides live location information and location-based services.  Corporations are delving deeper into social media, pushing past Facebook and Twitter and getting aboard the geolocation train.

Air New Zealand is initiating a scheme to capitalise on this opportunity through their employment of encouraging their customers to use, through the customers can win airpoints and gain other perks.  The gain for Air New Zealand is that they are able to ‘keep tabs’ on their customers and stay aligned to what they’re doing.  In Air New Zealand establishing and maintaining a profitable business relationship with, they have better exposure to their market (and vice-versa) and are able to better serve and appeal to their customer base.  Air New Zealand are able to remain consistently aware of their market and their market is consistently aware of Air New Zealand all through the geolocational social media scheme.  This awareness is an evident theme in social media.

Heard of this service?  Thoughts?

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